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Social Media: Businesses New Marketing Tool

The advent of social media dates back to the 90’s but it was not until 10 years ago before it found itself as a constant part of everyday life. As a result, many businesses have employed its use as a marketing tool. The value it has added to the modern day business world is one that can be heralded and unless something more easily accessible and simple to use crops up, then it is here to stay.

What Is Social Media?

The term social media came about owing to the fact that the services that utilized the internet to enable communication were used by all. Social media can then essentially be said to be a tool based on the web whose purpose allows for a form of two-way communication either between a writer and reader or a viewer and listener. Examples of tools that enhance social media are sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and podcasts etc. Miami video production leader, Lemonlight Media, employs Instagram as a great marketing and branding tool. It truly sets them apart from the other video production companies, as it allows them to demonstrate their talents through a social media application.

When it comes to the use of social media, the age range is not only between those of 18 to late 20’s but has also expanded to include those above 30. Even businesses are utilizing this tool as the majority of the world’s population are steadily migrating to use on the platform or the other. In the world of social media rankings, the most dominant social networking platform used by both individuals and business happens to be Facebook. This fact is true in most countries worldwide. With social media steadily taking over other means of communication, it is, therefore, no surprise that this has been turned into a tool for marketing businesses.

The following are benefits which can be gotten from employing social media as a marketing tool for businesses:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: employing a social media tool like a blog and keeping it updated on a constant basis extends the reach of a company from a local business to reach international shores. It can also help in bringing new customers into the company’s fold.
  • Know Your Stuff: in the case of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) that are easily overlooked by consumers, the social medium can be used to prove to other parties that you have expert knowledge in the area which your business revolves around.
  • Customer Service Enhancement: when consumers complain about a business, 7 times out of 10 it is about customer service. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter allow for interaction between a business and its consumers. The website or blog of the company ca also host a help desk to allow consumers reach the company whenever.
  • Lead Generation: when it comes to getting leads as well as following up on leads regarding potential customers, social media is one of the easiest ways by which these can be achieved.With Facebook, you can specifically target your desired audience. It’s a great system to use.
  • Networking: social media sites are not only meant for interaction with customers but also with other members of the industry. Through social media, new relationships and partnerships can be fostered with other businesses.

Professional Miami Video


Miami is a great place for Video Production marketing since the environment is famous for being wonderful. However, only an expert would be able to capture the true beauty of Miami. An expert video organization has each one of the apparatuses, assets, hardware, sound stages, know-how, and experience to direct your infomercial, business spot, or another video from smooth beginning to a smooth, brilliant wrap up. In case you are considering DIY, think: Might you be able to truly find and lease the required lighting setup? The correct sound stage?

Things to Know about Professional Miami Video

Would you even know what to search for? Unless you’re acquainted with the domain, you’ll likely be lost in a maze. Indeed, even with a swelling spending plan, you’ll be going nowhere with a net aftereffect of unlimited cerebral pains and a touchy video. A professionally-made video, then again, puts the correct turn on your item, rapidly and precisely. Consider it an interest later on of your image, a speculation that frequently creates significant profits as strong ROI. An expert video creation gives the twin advantages of straightforwardness and quality.

What’s more, those two focal points eventually prompt to a third and most pivotal advantage, which is cost effectiveness. As already expressed, a high caliber, professionally-made video colossally enhances the chances of solid ROI. In any case, think about the opposite side that coin. Running with a DIY video puts you at high hazard for squandering time and delivering an average or low-quality video that really discolors your image picture and pushes buyers away. Keep in mind, your video is an impression of your image. What’s the cost of a decimated picture and genuine time? How costly will it be to recoup from the harm? In case you wish to avoid that, hire a professional Miami, Florida video producer.